Course Material (Beginners)

These slides and the video capture the key ideas that are covered in the class. These are designed to be self-contained. We strongly recommend that parents and students review these slides/video and try out the small code snippets before and while attempting the independent activity for the class.

Class 0 – Introduction, Create a Scratch Account

There are three important steps to creating Scratch Account

  • Create an account
  • Make sure your username is different from your real name
  • Verify your email to enable your account for sharing

Class Notes (Create Scratch Account)

Class Notes (Course Introduction)

Class 1 – Sprite, your new friend

Create a simple animation using Scratch Program. Concepts covered –

  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Adding Sprites
  • Changing Backdrops
  • Creating simple comic

Class Notes

Class Project

Class 2 – Sprite wants to draw

Concepts covered include –

  • Number line – XY coordinates
  • Go to and Glide blocks
  • Pen block – Drawing

Class Notes

Class 3 – Sprite wants to dance

The video teaches how to make a dance party on the Scratch platform. The concepts covered in the video are –

  • Costume change
  • Move and glide blocks
  • Flip sprites
  • Add music

Class Notes

Class 4 Sprite wants an answer

Create a quiz game on the Scratch platform. The concepts covered in the video are –

  • Ask blocks
  • If, Then,Else
  • Repeat Until
  • Operators

Class Notes

Class 5 Sprite wants to play maze game

In this video we will learn how to make a maze game on the Scratch platform. The concepts covered in the video are –

  • Sensing Blocks
  • If, Then,Else
  • Loops

Class Notes

Class 6 (Part 1) Introducing Variables

Learn about variables:

  • What variables are, how they work?
  • How can variables be defined, set and changed?
  • How can we see the value of variables?
  • The use of sliders

Class Notes

Class 6 (Part 2) Sprite Wants to Paint

Learn how to build a Paint game in Scratch.

Class Notes

Class 7 Sprite Wants to Catch

Build a Catch game in Scratch. Concepts covered –

  • Reinforcing concepts of variables
  • Duplicate Sprites
  • Keeping score
  • Timer

Class Notes

Class 8 Sprite Wants to Broadcast

These video talks about –

  • Introduction to Broadcast
  • Uses of Broadcast

Class Notes

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