Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age?

8+ years is ideal. We have had kids 7.5 years + too, but their parents had to put in more effort.

Do the kids/parents need any prior programming experience?

No, not needed. The course is self contained.

What infrastructure is needed from the kid’s side?

A regular laptop (or tablet) with internet connection is sufficient.

How much time do the kids need to spend weekly?

Typically kids need about 3-4 hours per project for their independent projects.

How do we interact with you once the course starts?

We will create a WhatsApp group with all the participants. All the activities, instructions, virtual class links etc will be shared over that WhatsApp group.

Do we need to install any special software for this course?

No. You can create an account on and you are good to go.

Can I see the course outline?

Absolutely. Please take a look at the course page.

Can I see the kind of projects my kid will create?

Sure. Please visit our youtube channel for all the class activities and showcase projects here.

Will my kid be able to do these projects without much guidance?

Based on our previous experience, most kids are able to do the projects with minimal guidance. We also give them some youtube video links that they can refer to. Of course, kids do get stuck once in a while and need parents’ guidance, but that is not too much. It is a part of an overall learning experience.

Can you tell me more about the leaderboard?

We grade every activity objectively on various parameters that are clearly spelt out as part of the problem statement. At the end of each activity, we publish a leaderboard which tabulates the progress of every child. We have seen that this works to motivate the kids by the way of healthy competition.

How did you start this?

We started as parents who wanted to encourage our daughter to not only learn coding but to enjoy it. Read our story here.

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