It is our endeavor to provide global exposure to our students. Through our series of masterclasses, we will try and bring experts from the programming world to share their wisdom with bright minds.

Seminar ‘What is Coding?’ (Feb 2022)

Masterclass with Mr. Gagan Prakash (Sep 21)

The very first WiByte Programming Masterclass on 19 Sep 2021 was such a memorable event. Ace programmer Gagan Prakash shared his expert tips in context of his own Scratch project, Dr. Mario. in the following five tenets:

1. “Eating Mangoes — lots of them, but bite by bite!”, that is, Develop programs in small pieces, just like we eat mangoes.

2. “Planning a Birthday Party”, that is, Plan out the different pieces and work on them in a step-by-step manner. 

3. “Web Surfing”, that is, Look at the internet and/or other projects to get ideas. Give credit/acknowledge and make ideas your own by understanding them and building on them. 

4. “Organizing Stuff”, that is, Give meaningful names to variables, My blocks (functions), Broadcasts (messages). Add comments. 

5. “Kucch meetha ho jaaye : Let’s have some dessert!”, that is, Beautify the project in the end, just like the ‘meetha’ or dessert at the end of a meal!

Such deep messages so beautifully delivered. No wonder the young minds were fully engaged all through the session! Thanks Gagan!

Sharing the recording here, do check it out, Cheers!

You can play the game here –

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