Hackathon 2021

Welcome to WiByte’s Scratch Hackathon (Feb 2021). Here is your opportunity to showcase your Scratch skills to an esteemed panel of judges, compete with your peers from around the world and win exciting prizes.


  1. Results, Statistics and Special Mentions! Congratulations to all the winners.
  2. All the Hackathon Projects (Scratch Studio)
  3. Special Project by one of our judges, Mr. Gagan Prakash


  1. All registered participants need to submit a COMPLETE scratch project by 01 Mar 2021.
  2. The project can be a combination of games and animation and must showcase the creator’s creativity, programming skills and imagination.
  3. The project must be in one of the following themes
    • Travel and Tourism
    • An ideal day at school
    • The world in 2121
  4. The completed projects must be shared on the Scratch platform for evaluation.
  5. Please see the Resources section below for more details/ideas.

Important Dates

26 Jan 2021

28 Jan 2021

01 Mar 2021

08 Mar 2021

21 Mar 2021

27 Mar 2021

Registration Starts

Project Submission starts

Project Submission Closes

Preliminary Screening and Shortlist Complete

Judges Evaluation Complete

Project Showcase and Results



I have not taken any SCRATCH course from Wibyte before. Can I still participate?
Yes, absolutely. The Hackathon is open to everybody. Anybody in the correct age group, with access to a laptop and internet connection, is welcome to join in. Please register to participate.
What is the registration fees?
INR 750/- for Indian Residents. USD 15 for international participants. (Payment details to be shared post registration.)
What kind of projects should I submit?
The projects can be a combination of animations and games relevant to the theme you have chosen. A typical structure would be Introduction, Core (say 2-3 levels of games), Conclusion. Be creative. Make your projects attractive, also use as many programming concepts as you can.
How will the projects be evaluated?
The projects will be evaluated on the basis of their overall creativity, relevance to the theme, the correctness of the concepts used, and the variety of programming concepts used. We will not accept remixes and projects copied from other SCRATCH projects.
What kind of prizes can I expect to win?
All participants will get a participation certificate. Every completed submission will earn vouchers that can be redeemed for WiByte’s future courses. Students whose projects are shortlisted will get to present them to an esteemed panel of judges. Winners will also get to showcase their projects to a wider audience and will also get attractive cash prizes.
What all do I have to submit?
Participants need to submit the link to their Scratch project. They also need to submit a short video/slideshow/audio clipping briefly describing their project and the concepts used therein. All submissions are to be done through the submission link on our webpage.
Can I register as a team?
No. Every participant must register individually.
Can I submit more than 1 projects?
No, for one registration, we will accept only one submission.
How is my category decided?
We have two categories. Participants born on or after 01 Jan 2011 are in the Junior Category. Older participants are in the Senior Category.
Can I choose two themes in the same project?
No. Every project must be in exactly 1 theme.
I only have basic proficiency in Scratch. Should I still participate?
Absolutely, you should. We encourage each participant to put their best effort towards completing their projects, regardless of what your present proficiency is. Post the evaluation, we will give you pointers and ideas on the areas that you may want to improve in.
I have absolutely no experience with SCRATCH? Can I still join?
We are expecting at least a beginner level proficiency with SCRATCH in order to meaningfully participate in this HACKATHON. For those who may have no experience in SCRATCH, please consider joining our beginners program on SCRATCH.
What if I get stuck or need help while building my program?
You can refer to any of the class notes/videos from WiByte Scratch programs or any other reference material for help. Also, we encourage you to try and help each other out. It is always a rewarding experience to help other people debug their codes.

I do not have a SCRATCH account or have a SCRATCH account but I do not see the ORANGE share button.

This is because your account is not yet set up for SHARING projects on SCRATCH platform. Please see this video on how to set up account and enable it for sharing: https://youtu.be/8YFFMG9q1OI

I have submitted my project but I want to make some changes or submit a different project. Can I re-submit?

Yes, you can. Please make sure, however, that you make the changes and submission before the deadline ends. We will evaluate the last submission that we receive before the deadline ends.

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